Malaysia - Land of Many Charms

•  Overview
•  Historical Perspective
      •  Ancient Malaysia
      •  Hindu Kingdoms
      •  Islam and the Golden Age of Malacca
      •  Colonial Malaysia
      •  Post-Independence


Malaysia is a land of smiles and incredible contrasts that provides the visitors a rich diversity of experiences. There are many Malaysia tourist attractions , and budget hotels in Malaysia to cater to needs of discerning travelers. There are also wide range of tour packages for special needs of adventure travel or eco-tourism such as mountain climbing, diving, rafting, and other sporting activities. City hops, island and beach resort holidays and shopping in Malaysia are worthwhile experience.

Enjoy in Kuala Lumpur a blend of garden city charm, old world Moorish architecture, and other famous landmarks of this vibrant city. You will see gleaming ultra-modern skyscrapers standing magnificently next to rows and rows of quaint century-old, two-story shop houses. Petaling Street maintains much of its traditional atmosphere, particularly at night when vendors spread their wares out on the street. Batu Caves are another visually enchanting natural marvel and sacred Hindu place.

You can also visit a refreshing gateway from the city to the cool, chilled mountain air of the Genting Highlands. Enjoy splendid mountain scenery, or shop at First World Plaza , located at 6000 feet, and offers an exciting new world of shopping and food. A host of gaming facilities await visitors at the casino in Genting, as well as the exciting rides at the indoor and outdoor theme parks in Genting Highlands .

Penang is a bustling metropolis with rich tradition and culture of the past. Visit Penang's oldest Hindu temple Sri Mariamman Temple, enjoy a myriad of beautiful and exotic butterflies at the Penang Butterfly Farm, or be awed by diversity of Malay culture at Penang Cultural Centre.

For business travelers Malaysia offers a wide range of convention facilities and excellent accommodation to cater for all types of meeting requirements. You will appreciate Malaysia's top-notch facilities, excellent infrastructure and attentive staff. After a tiring business meeting you can also relish spicy Malay Food.

Malaysia is a fascinating kaleidoscope of colorful festivals, friendly people, customs, art and culture. It represents a unique blend of modernization and tradition. Malaysia has fervently embraced modern technology - it boasts two of the world's tallest skyscrapers and a huge "cyber" center for computer businesses. But it still has some of the world's most remote jungle in Sabah and Sarawak, one of Southeast Asia's most vibrant old ports Georgetown and exotic views at Mount Kinabalu.